The R2A KIT is the ideal solution to use TA transmitters with all marketed control units with equal frequency or control units already installed.
With its 2 channels that can be used in impulse or bistable mode and its 180 fixed and rolling codes memory the R2A radio receiver offers multiple uses even beyond gate automation.

Example usage: Condominium.
By installing the R2A KIT with an existing automation control unit and using one of the 2 channels in CLICK mode (impulse) it is possible to operate a gate with TA transmitters without changing the control unit but especially without changing all the transmitters used by the inhabitants.
In this way it's possible to use existing transmitters and TA transmitters as for instance Wally LB With the channel left you can operate a courtesy light (using the bistable HOLD mode) or open a roll up door of a car garage (using the impulsive CLICK mode).