Sliding gate control unit kit

230V control unit kit for sliding gates, programmable using a display with a scroll menu and error reporting.
1) Control unit CNTSR5T
1) Radio receiver RADCN4T
1) Transformer TRAXX4T
1) Box SCAPL8T
1) Protective casing
OBSTACLE DETECTION SENSOR: anti-crushing during normal and slowed down opening and closing.
COLD WINTER FUNCTION: preventing ice formation on the motor it ensures proper functioning in any climatic condition.
PEDESTRIAN OPENING: allows the pedestrian or motorcycle transit only.
DIGITAL REGULATION OF THE FORCES: it's possible to digitally set the pushing forces of the gate during normal and slowed down motion.
DIGITAL REGULATION OF THE OPERATING TIMES: it's possible to digitally set the operating times of the gate during normal and slowed down motion.
SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT OF THE EXTERNAL INPUTS: It's possible to enable and disable the inputs of the control unit without having to touch the terminal block. While keeping button A or B pressed, scroll the control unit menu until visualizing the inputs parameters represented by the letter E.

AUTOMATIC PROGRAMMING: The automatic programming procedure allows the user to program the gate's working phases without any further action. Simply by pressing the transmitter's button the control unit will start an opening and closing phase. once the procedure is ended the control unit will automatically set the motion phases of the gate , the slowdown times. It will also set a pause time before closing of 10 seconds.
SEQUENTIAL PROGRAMMING: The sequential programming procedure allows the user to program all gate's working phases using a transmitter in a sequential mode. Each time the transmitter's button is pressed the gate will start a working phase and will acquire the following programming:

1) opening the gate
2) begin of the slowdown
3) end of the slowdown - begin of pause time during opening (the display shows a seconds countdown)
4) end of pause time – begin of closing phase

The control unit has been completely programmed. The slowdown times while closing will be the same acquired during the opening.