The keypad and card reader/tag is an access control device, it has a simple design, easy operations and high reliability.
The internal circuit is resinated which gives it a total resistance to water (IP 66).
The device allows the opening or closing of a relay by detecting a card / tag or by entering a PIN code.
The keypad is a 433 MHz transmitter, therefore it must communicate with a receiver to open / close an output, it can do so via the 433 MHz radio frequency only.
It allows you to manage 500 cards/tags (125 KHz) and PIN codes.



This keypad is a waterproof stand-alone access control device, programmable.
It can be also a standard Wiegand output keypad/reader player.
It manages 1000 users/codes.
It has a simple design, easy operations and has high reliability.
The device allows access through the use of an access code, a card/tag or a card/tag in combination with an access code.
It can read cards/tags at 125 KHz EM & HID for low frequency and 13.56 KHz Mifare for high frequencies.
It can be equipped with a second output channel through the use of Wiegand mode remote control board.