Quartz transmitter
Self-learning transmitter 12-66 bits
Frequency 433.92 MHz

PROGRAMMING: Press the B and C buttons of the remote controller simultaneously until the led turns red. Now the remote controller is in acquisition. Choose a button « A B C ». Press the chosen button and the button of the remote controller to be copied. By keeping both buttons pressed bring the two controllers as close as possible to each other. When the led alternates red and green flashing it means that the programming is successfully completed. Repeat the same operation for the other buttons. To exit programming without copying any code press the B and C buttons simultaneously until the led reverts to green.

GENERATION OF NEW RADIO-CODES: Press simultaneously the buttons B and C until the display turns red. By keeping button B pressed, press button C twice. With every pressure on button C the led will turn red. Then will quickly alternate flashing from red to green. 3 new codes were generated.