Self-learns 433.92 MHz frequency signals with codes from 12 to 66 bits including the fixed part of Rolling Code signals HCS301

Quartz transmitter
Self-learning remote 12-66 bits
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Available in white and black

Example with button A. The procedure is the same for button B and C.

SELF-LEARNING FUNCTION: by keeping button A pressed the transmitter will switch from transmission to self-learning function. When the LED changes color bring closer the transmitter to be programmed and press the button. When the LED changes color again by flashing intermittently the self-learning will be completed. The code has been memorized.

RESTORE FACTORY CODE / WALLY LB: to restore factory code keep buttons B + C pressed. At first all LEDs will light up simultaneously. They will successively shut down in sequence. When the LEDs turn off the restore will be completed.