BABY EVE can be supplied by a 12 and 24 Volt direct current and a 24 Volt alternating current as to be compatible with most major marketed control units for automatic gates.

Infrared modulated signal
Power supply 12/24 V
Range 40 m
Available in grey and black

The receiver RX is equipped with a filter to limit the disturbances caused by the direct exposition to the sunlight.
The photocells are predisposed to a 24V power supply. In case of a different supply move the jumper adequately.

BABY EVE is fitted with a cut line to allow a quick installation for a 12 - 16 mm diameter corrugated pipe.

Respecting the height, the direction and the angles fix the bases to the wall at circa 50 cm from the ground using the screws supplied. Supply the transmitter and the receiver respecting the diagram in the drawing. If the positioning is correctly executed, the red led of the receiver will be lit even without cover ( for distances < 6/7 m ). Once the installation is complete, remove the alignment jumper and put the covers of the devices using the provided screws.