2 dip switches swing gate control unit


2 Dip switches and 3 buttons to customize the movement of the gate in the smallest details.
Many functions, each one of them is settable based on the installation requirements, the installer's will and he customer's request.
Slowdown, delay between leaves, obstacle detection sensor and electronic limit switch just to name a few.
Easy storage and association of the transmitters codes depending on the task to perform thanks to the self learning function.
Easy programming just by pressing a button.

230 VAC Power supply
100 Storable codes
Error reporting by display
Error reporting by led
Pin-jack connector on PCB for the accessories connection
Motors slowdown working time setting
Pedestrian function
Start up time setting (soft start)
Delay between leaves setting
Motors force setting during standard working time
Obstacle detection sensor
Obstacle detection sensor setting during standard working time
Pause time setting (automatic closure)
Kick at closing
Kickback at opening
Community mode
Step-by-step mode
Fast closure function
1 motor working mode
Dead-man open
Dead-man close
Photocells test
Motors test
Start function radio codes self-learning
Stop function radio codes self-learning
Pedestrian function radio codes self-learning
Fast closure function radio codes self-learning
Single radio code cancellation
Semi-automatic programming procedure
Multi-function smart inputs
Limit switch management
Electronic limit switch
Oil recycling